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Cold Box - Installation - Maintenance - Repair

Cold Box Installation, Maintenance, & Repair

Turnkey Cold Box MRO Services

Cold Box MRO Solutions

end-to-end services for COLD BOX Performance & Reliability

MIG delivers complete, end-to-end cold box installation, maintenance, and repair solutions developed to ensure optimal reliability, efficiency and safety of cold box operations by evaluating, recommending, and performing preventative maintenance; detecting and repairing for defects, damage, and wear; and optimizing for overall performance.

Our extensive range of services support every aspect of cold box maintenance and operation—from field-based new installations to inspection and test, maintenance and repair, control system monitoring, and the maintenance and repair of all related equipment including brazed aluminum heat exchangers, pressure vessels, and piping—in addition to emergency response, cold box dismantling and relocation, and decommissioning

Backed by over three decades of experience, our seasoned teams deliver our cold box services to the highest standards of quality and safety, with a laser focus on supporting peak facility performance and reliability—and ultimately supporting greater profitability for your plant.


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Cold Box Installation Maintenance & Repair



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