Our team has extensive experience working inside boilers, tanks, columns, and process vessels and the need for a standby rescue team developed from this type of work. Many facilities were using safety officers, fire watch, hole watch, or their local fire and EMT personnel. OSHA required more so we stepped up and developed a specialized team of technicians and safety personnel.

MIG Confined Space Rescue Team (CSRT) works in a close partnership with its customers to achieve an uncompromised state of safety and productivity. We do this by helping you facilitate and evaluate OSHA’s confined space standard. We can help you evaluate your needs when it comes to:

  • Your Emergency Response Plan
  • Confined Space Classification
  • Non-Permit & Permit-Required Confined Spaces
  • CSR Response Time
  • Manpower Needs
  • Retrieval methods & Equipment
  • Confined Space Identification, Labeling, & Permitting
  • CSRT Objectives & Procedures

Our emergency response services allow your company to put an emergency response plan in place to ensure the safety and health of your staff during critical emergency operations. Let us put our expertise to work on your behalf. We’ve developed and provide services for emergency work, plant turn arounds, general construction, and shutdowns. When it comes to crisis avoidance, we have you covered.

MIG keeps your employees safe by offering industrial rescue services that emphasize crisis avoidance and emergency training that is tailored to your company’s specific needs. We also offer trained rescue personnel to advise you on all aspects of crisis avoidance and management.

Our industrial rescue services include:

  • Emergency rescue teams
  • Trained rescue personnel
  • Confined Space training
  • Standby rescue services
  • Low angle rescue
  • Confined space entry
  • Safety and rescue equipment rental

MIG offers industrial rescue programs for a broad spectrum of safety-related incidents. Every rescue program can include site-specific contingency plans, industrial safety equipment, SCBA, and qualified technicians.

OSHA’s permit required confined space regulation requires employers to provide rescue services when employees must enter permit spaces. OSHA 1910.146


A confined space rescue team is required for any permit required confined space entry. This team must always be on hand and at the facility where the entry work is taking place.


  • Team must have the capability to reach the victim(s) within a time frame appropriate for the hazard(s) identified.
  • Is proficient and trained in performing the needed rescue services.
  • Ability to function appropriately while rescuing entrants from types of permit spaces identified
  • Complete compliance with OSHA 29 CFR 1910.146 standards

Pre-planning and rigging for confined space emergencies can prevent medical emergencies from resulting in fatalities.

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Emergency Response

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