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Custom Stainless Steel Mix Tanks

Custom Fabricated Basestock Mix Tanks being installed...

Stainless Steel Mix Tanks Delivered to a Food & Beverage Customer

Delivered to a U.S. vegetable oil refinery facility: (3) 66,000 Gallon Basestock Mix Tanks:

  • Size:  180" Dia. x 600" Lg.
  • Metallurgy:  SA240-304/304L stainless steel 
  • Services:  Custom engineering & fabrication
  • Accessories:  Galvanized handrails, platforms, spiral staircase assemblies
  • Features: Insulated shell & top heads

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Cold Box Repair - with Rope Access

Cold Box Repair with Rope Access

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Custom fabricated stainless steel storage tank for water treatment company

Storage Tank for an Environmental Water Treatment Plant

Horizontal Storage Tank - Custom Fabrication Recently delivered to a California environmental water treatment facility: (1) custom fabricated...

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Heat Exchanger Fabrication Project for a battery plant

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