Oxygen (O2) Cleaning is a vital service that Maddox Industrial Group Provides. Not only do we have certified procedures in place for on site applications, we have a dedicated O2 cleaning room in our shop with an overhead crane. Maddox Industrial Group is committed to providing quality O2 cleaning to any and all of our clients who require the service. Contact us today to see if Maddox Industrial Group is a good fit for your oxygen cleaning needs.


Maddox Industrial Group offers:

  • On Site O2 cleaning of installation and fabricated pipe and fittings
  • 3,000 Sq. Ft. Cleaning Room per ASTM Standard Guidelines of O2 Service
  • 2 large tanks that can clean a full length of pipe up to 18” in diameter
  • O2 Cleaned documentation
  • Trained and certified personnel
  • Over 25+ years of O2 cleaning experience